Wednesday, January 23, 2013

One of the fun things about everyday abundance is creating things for yourself:
I am now writing for a couple of sites you may be interested in.
The first is
 Where you will soon be able to find some of my favourite recipes from travels and saving money

The second is a fun site just beginning on how to do almost anything, there should be some fun stories from creating

Monday, May 2, 2011

Thank heavens for manifestations / guidance.

I know I had basically wrapped this blog thus far, however this week I was writing an email to my spiritual development circle which I really wanted to share with you in regards to manifesting success and safety around you.

We were discussing the energies that strengthen the more we devote ourselves to our own development

It's interesting how the more work we do in such classes, the more life seems to have synchronicity, sometimes we don't see it at the time, but over time, things just seem to slot into place.

As you may recall, we were recently renovating, during this time, one of the tradesmen noticed we didn't have flip switches on the house and strongly suggested they should be installed. OK, in they go....

This week I purchased a 2nd hand electrical product and didn't notice it had a break on one side.
When I turned it on, I was severely electrocuted. It flipped off the entire house, office and buildings, just after throwing me across the room, tearing my back muscles, exiting & burning my arm pit. My heart briefly stopped, but I guess God still has work for me to do and when I hit the floor the jolt kicked my heartbeat back in again.
All this in a microsecond of power, I shudder to think what would have happened had those flips not been installed. I'm feeling much better, still a little fragile, getting better each day now, however had that guide not been sent to us to have them installed - goodness me!

I am reminded of another instance where we manifested the assistance of a guide / created an energy of safety around us:
A few years ago we were pulled over by the police with my son in the front seat of my car, they explained he was too little to be in the front the way the seat belt was fitted.
The policeman adjusted it for me saying, if I had an accident previously my son would have been killed, now he would most likely get a sore back and a cut neck.

A few weeks later, a car turned over oncoming traffic straight into us and over our car - my son was in the front seat - guess what ..... sore back, cut neck, all good!

We were feeling very humbled and blessed to have such guidance in our lives.

The more work you do with your spiritual development, your meditation and your Qi Gong (we teach classes in all of these topics), the more these things become less 'co-incidences" and more guided by spirit.
Every day we have someone looking out for us and something to be grateful for.

We are grateful and delighted to be able to share some of your unfolding and assist you to guide you along your spiritual path.
We look forward to sharing with you soon.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Abundance Manifestation Papers

Write your goals here to assist your manifestation skills

Then pop away & keep, revisit often or next year to see how well you did.
Manifestation Papers
In 2011 (or insert year you are reading this) I will finish:

In 2011 (or insert year you are reading this) I will start:

In 2011 (or insert year you are reading this) my finances will:

Please Bless:


These concerns will have peaceful solutions (think of anything you would like more harmny in):

I now embrace all the abundant , joyful and harmonious energies of the universe.
My life is rich, fulfilling and unfolds with ease.
I am in harmony with the universe

This is YOUR private paper, in order to contain the chi – keep quiet on your thoughts and dreams. Find a balance point, be not too excited or too shy. Confidently walk your path and allow the universe to unfold its abundant energies.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Practice what has been written here for a while

It's funny how we are always looking for something new, I had an experience today that has reminded me to 'keep it simple'.
It seems often the true spiritual values lie in what is basic and simple, hence I have decided not to add much to this blog for a little while.
I would love you to go back to the beginning and practice, really practice the grounding exercises and the abundance meditation for at least 60 days, every day and see what happens.

I have had several students who have been doing this for this time now and the changes that have taken place in their lives have been dramatic.
Give it a go, go on................. let me know how you get on.

With blessings for luck, love and abundance beyond your wildest dreams.
May all your "everything that is important to me's" be met.....................

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Back on track.............

Isn't it funny how when you have things that rock your world, you allow them to take you off track............... only normal we all say, but is it?

The last few posts I have popped on here have been rather self indulgent, more like a diary of my own personal voyage and in many ways in reflecting on this, although they are all in line with creating a flow of energies for abundance, perhaps a little too off track of sharing personal information.

Soooo, what comes out of this, for me it has been a revelation that things were not quite where they were meant to be in life, with abundance, etc.

I have had a couple of days where I have been able to have meditation space (well I forced the time to make this possible and sure it was sitting by the side of a roller skating rink whilst the kids were having lessons, but hey - doesn't matter!)
I have had immense symbology present itself to me and I realised through this blog and the Spiritual Development circle that I would like to share more of this insight and divine guidance, however, perhaps this is not the forum for it.

In the future I will be commencing a new body of work, streamlining what we cover in Spiritual Development circle each week with the classes being filmed and DVD's available if required, so for this body of work, I would now like to get firmly back into where we started - creating abundance in YOUR life (OK, mine too, but this is a guide for YOU).
Short personal update - camper van is fabo' great fun!
Foot got blood poisoning which moved up my leg within 24hrs - yikes! (well the nail had been in the chook run with possible fecal matter on it), just about to go to hospital and Daryll mixed up a homoeopathic for puncture wounds, took it and within 2 minutes all the heat, pain and redness has disappeared (around midnight) the next morning - it was all healed and gone!
Inner child - nurtured - tick!
Peacefulness regained - tick!
Life back on track - tick!
Changes being made, symbols being presented AND listened to - tick!
Back on track with "everyday-abundance" - tick!
Here we go:
A few posts back we discussed blockages that may be holding you back from achieving your potential, hopefully you have had some time to reflect on these, practice some and bring some back into new perspective.

I hope you have uncovered some of your own blockages and restrictions and set about releasing them so you may embrace your own true abundance.

It's one thing to uncover these emotions and blockages, another to release them and allow the energies to flow abundantly through you.
To assist with this, lets go back to basics, read the first few chapters here and re-do your grounding visualisation and your flowing abundance visualisation.

Re-center yourself, re-ground and allow the pathways to open for energies to flow through - go on - do it now.
Let's see if it creates some change, tomorrow I will add some thoughts here as to the best way to remain centred when you feel people are 'attacking' you.
Happy manifesting!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

All is well in my world

It's a funny thing when something happens in life that rocks your world.
Doesn't matter if it's a relationship break up, computer crash or an injury.
A shock resonance is set up, this can often be combated with Renascent Emergency  essence, some kinesiology emotional stress release &/or a good healing session, however, the shock is generally there.

An energy goes out into the ethers and if you are unaware of it, before you know it, it is disrupting further relationships, creating more injuries and causing ill feelings.

If in the moment of stress, you are really able to let go and trust that everything in your world is divinely planned and this is just a down to the ups in the hills of your life. You can generally get over this energy ripple.

I am a little disappointed with myself this week as I let this computer crash throw an energy ripple through my life. I forgot to trust, I gave in to the "oh, my goodness" feelings. I forgot it is all organised and sadly I let it affect myself and people around me.
Goodness, why do we still forget even after everything has been working so well for months????

Ah well, like a child that falls down when learning to walk, you don't admonish the child, you just pick them up, dust them off, stand them on their feet and praise them for trying.

I had to do this for my inner child tonight.

Let's go back a few days......................

You may recall we had a HUGE computer crash last year and nothing was able to be retrieved even by the best tech's. I think the shock energy of that may have been lingering in my mind, so when a similar thing happened a few days ago. I revisited these feelings - drats!
I reconciled myself with the possibility of 3 months of work being gone again and I thought I was OK.

Did I take Emergency Essence - no!
Did I use a practitioner disc to clear my aura - no!
Did I walk in the bush and commune to reconnect with nature - no!
Did I acknowledge my inner child and my feelings of helplessness and allow my spirit guide to comfort, support and love me - no!

What I did do was push on, don't we do this in life so often, we think we are strong enough to cope, we'll be fine, we need to be a pillar of strength for others and so we smile on the outside, toughen up and push on. And then what ..............

Well for me, it started when I needed to trim some roses, I caught my finger and in a moment of not thinking ripped it away from the source of the pain very quickly thus tearing my hand right open.
Then the children began to bicker and instead of separating and talking and sharing it all became too much and I stomped off to be alone for a while.
Daryll tried to fix a few things for me and instead of speaking lovingly - noticing the effort he was making, I snapped at him, until he shrugged and walked away.

I knew what to do, but did I ? (all of the above) Nope - I pushed on!
Out of alignment with the universe and knowing it, yet too busy to stop for a few moments to fix what continued to slow me down!

We brainstormed and came up with computer solutions so this could never happen again, armed with new online servers, endless back up hard drives in several locations and new computers, I pondered that perhaps it was a small wake up call for valuable IT material and now it had been noticed and secured, maybe just maybe, we'd get it all back again.

Naturally that was what occurred, all material rightfully returned once the message had been heard and safely backed up.

I guess that is where the story would stop, universe sends a message, people don't listen, universe makes the lesson a bit more shocking, people act on situation, universe re-balances the situation, all well and good!

Except for one thing, the man (or in my case woman) made energy ripple that has gone out.
I do a cleansing of the house, a clearing of energies and all feels better, things seem to flow again, abundance which had been previously blocked for 2-3 days, immediately flows back in again.

It was quite amazing, around 2 minutes after the clearing, orders simply flooded in, people called for bookings, items were sold, invitations to parties arrived - all the minute I released the blockage and allowed it to flow.

You would think I was content - aha! Not so, instead of loving my inner child, I admonished myself for speaking harshly, not having patience with the children and most of all - not trusting that things WERE divinely ordered. I was disappointed in myself, I thought "you should know better, you could have done that better".
Goodness, I was energetically giving my inner child a hiding with a wooden spoon rather than a big hug and congratulations.
Looking up, my father (who had just arrived) says "the chickens are on your balcony again" as I shoosh them down the stairs I jump off the bottom step onto a plank of wood .................. with a 2 inch nail sticking up out of it ....................... yes, if I hadn't punished / hurt myself enough yet, let's make sure the job is done.

As if in slow motion I felt the nail pierce the sole of my shoe, press into my skin, pierce the skin and push up through the muscles and tendons of my foot.
Was I sad, nope! Did I hug my inner child - nope!
I just thought "now look what you have done you silly girl"

Wow - have I got it in for myself lately!

Using my other foot on the wood I pushed up and off the nail (yep, it was in all the way), I hobbled inside, just as Daryll arrived home and told him. He shrugs and says "oh well, you had a shoe on right?"
I pull the shoe off and a cascade of blood pours out of the shoe, it was like one of those hospital series on television where everyone leaps back and gasp holding their mouth.

They all help to clean me up and then disappear, leaving me sitting there looking at a gaping hole and a rapidly swelling foot, a tiny voice inside whispers in a shaky voice "I'm hurt"

Oh my goodness, I FINALLY remember the inner child.
"I'm sorry" I whisper, I energetically embrace her for the first time all week, I feel the hug, the warmth and the gentleness, all thoughts of disappointment and anger dissolve away.
I forgive myself, I remind myself it doesn't matter if we get our of alignment with the universe, it just matters that we get up and have another go. I realise we try to be kind to all those around us and forget ourselves.

I breathe .......................................

May your day be blessed, may you forgive your inner child no matter what they have done (even eating the entire box of chocolates), may you not need to hurt yourself, may you be kind, loving and gentle, may you remember you are a divine being with a divine soul purpose on this earth existence, may you get up, dust yourself off and have another go at whatever it is you are working on achieving and may I thank you on behalf of all universal energies for sharing your efforts and enlightenment with us all.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Can't breathe!!!!!

today was the day I was going to back up the massive files I had been working until 5am every night on, had to wait as it rendered the computers inoperable for 16 hours, so today it was.
Last night the power flicked on and off for oh you know - a millisecond!!!!!!
All gone, hub dead - nooooooooo
Everything for the last 3 months I had been rebuilding gone.......................................

Slight chance it's still there but as the hub has been restoring backup since 11pm Saturday night and still going won't know until tomorrow
Feel free to pray for us.

Feeling a little bit ill all over again for the day

Once again, I forget to trust the universe and the divine plan, couldn't sleep all night, kept waking up in a little panicky state. Drats. Even with all I know, why oh why is it so hard to trust the universe sometimes?

LATER TONIGHT - posting at 2.30am!
On the positive, we have decided that's it, not doing this again
Daryll has been researching online storage all night, we figure it will cost around $10 per month to upload around 50 gig and can be accessed from anywhere
For now, he's going to buy an external hard drive which will get carried from the house to the office and plugged in and a new office computer.
However, we HAVE discovered an online site that allows this to happen :penguinCS:
OMG - it is amazing - you get 5 gig for free and simply upload your files to their server, it holds them and can be accessed from any computer anywhere, you can invite whomever you like to log in (& bushfires included - they aren't physically here)
Tonight I am trying to get Daryll to burn some CD's for students to disc but no way of getting the files to him, just uploaded them and he now has them on his computer and is now beginning the burn (took about 2 minutes)
We now have those files on my computer, on line server and his computer. Wow - it seems to have a heap of features and if you need more I think 50 gig is around $10 per month.
Will investigate further, may be helpful is you aren't backing up or don't have a spare drive to so so to.
Ahhhh......... finally I can feel like I can breathe.............
Now I wonder whether all the files are gone or the universe just wanted to wake us up, lets see what pans out.

BTW - sat in the dark in the camper on the drive last night and pretended we were camping - hehe! In no time at all Daryll & I were giggling away at inside jokes like school kids, we had a terrific time and this morning the kids are most jealous.

Affirmation for the above:
All is well in my world, everything the universe sends to me is for a reason, I now grow and embrace change knowing I am always divinely supported.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Using affirmations to uncover and release negative beliefs

A lot of reprogramming the mind has to do with uncovering subconscious beliefs that are blocking the expression of the state of mind desired. These beliefs which create both your inner and outer worlds are below the threshold of the conscious mind - at the level of the subconscious mind. It is here that our experiences, past memories and our reality creating beliefs are stored.
For example, you want to believe your affirmation, I now love and accept myself exactly as I am, to build your self worth and acceptance. Yet, maybe your conditioning has led you to believe that you are not accepted. Therefore every time you tell yourself you are O.K., your subconscious mind contradicts with what it believes to be true.

                Conscious Mind                                                  Subconscious Mind
     I now love & accept myself exactly as I am            I’m afraid you don’t
     I now love & accept myself exactly as I am            In fact there’s a lot you don’t like
     I now love & accept myself exactly as I am            You don’t like much at all about yourself

This pattern may be very well known by some of us. As your subconscious mind shows you to be unworthy, your affirmations fall on deaf ears. What makes this process so insidious is that you may not even be aware your subconscious mind is sabotaging all your efforts.
You never understand why your affirmations fail when other peoples seem to work so well for them. Despite all your hard work you stay in exactly the same place. Sound familiar ?
We talk to ourselves constantly, even if it is only in our mind. That’s O.K. The problem is - we believe what we say. Have a think about what you’re dumping in your mind. Decide whether it is failure directed or success directed.

Here’s some examples of failure directed affirmations:
                People don’t like me                           I need to lose two stone/kgs/lbs
                I’m losing my memory                       It’s hereditary
                We’re in a recession                            I just look at food and get fat
                He/She drives me crazy                     Women lose shape after having a baby
                You’re so lucky - I’m not                   I can’t do anything about it
                I’d never be able to do that               I can’t stand the pressure

And so on it goes, the list is endless, if you listen, with a lot of people you hear them every day.

I am often surprised at spiritually aware people making failure directed affirmations out loud constantly.

Not only do they work extremely well for them, they then say “See I told you so”, when in fact they have received exactly what they requested.

By giving the power of speech to any affirmation they do manifest, and in fact, grow stronger each time they are said. Now, what would be far more productive, is to turn these affirmations around to success directed affirmations and give them power to manifest what we really desire. Instead of saying “I’m exhausted”, which you most likely will be now, say  “I’ll feel really refreshed after I sit down and take a break”.

Remember, the body responds to your commands. Make the subconscious conscious.  Or, rather, bring your most deeply held beliefs about yourself and life to the light, where you are able to transmute them to new beliefs. What you may do is write down two columns, one with your affirmation, the other with all the negative held beliefs against it, write down everything that comes up in your beliefs against what it is you desire.
For example: If you were worried about owning your own home.

                                Affirmation                                         What comes Up
     I am successfully managing my own home              I can’t do it
     I am successfully managing my own home              It’s too much commitment
     I am successfully managing my own home              I’ll never have enough money
     I am successfully managing my own home              No one in my family owns their home

From doing this you shall gain knowledge of the core beliefs that are against you, but more importantly, if you continue writing down your new affirmation in the other column each time, eventually  the negative beliefs will exhaust themselves and be replaced by positive thoughts that emulate from the higher self.

                                Affirmation                                         What comes Up
     I am successfully managing my own home              I have an excellent saving record
     I am successfully managing my own home              I know other’s who own their home
     I am successfully managing my own home              If they can do it, so can I
     I am successfully managing my own home              With the divine plan, all is possible
     I am successfully managing my own home              I know I can succeed

Now, we are being more productive, by replacing this person’s negative beliefs with positive ones, it will draw them closer to the goal they desire. However, as old habits die hard, this process may need to be repeated a few times, to enable the new beliefs to be established, the amount of times will depend on how much you want the goal, how firmly your old beliefs are entrenched and how often you use your affirmation. Even after all this, sometimes your old beliefs may refuse to budge, when this occurs, ask: Where did I come to get these negative beliefs (most of them are gained in childhood), Is there truth in them, do I wish to keep them ?

Once you realise they are destructive and that you have a choice in the matter, you may keep that which you want to and release that you no longer need, or is no longer appropriate to your new growth patterns. If you still stay firmly entrenched with your old beliefs, you may choose to see a therapist about them, Kinesiology is particularly effective here, or you may choose to talk them out with a friend or counsellor, anyone who may assist as a guide to help you through this process of change, release and new growth.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Using affirmations to heal issues that come up in your life is just as simple and enjoyable as the above process. The following method is quite effective.

Pick an area of your life that needs healing. The topic of your affirmation can involve a relationship, your health, peace of mind, career, finances, etc.
For example, lets choose relationships.
You may decide that you are carrying around some anger that it is now time to release. Decide what you want to happen in that aspect of your life.

Ask yourself “What would it feel like if I had exactly what I wanted in this situation right now ?”
In this example you would most likely want to let go of the old anger and hurt and experience forgiveness and peace.
Using the first person, formulate a statement that exactly expresses your desired outcome. As you choose the words, keep in mind the following: (a) Write your affirmation in the present tense, as if what you desire is happening right now, as an example, you would say  I am peaceful instead of I will feel peaceful.   (b) say it positively. When you say I am not angry, the subconscious mind screens out the “not” and hears “angry” To prevent the situation from recurring, rephrase your affirmation to say exactly what you do want.

Repeat your affirmation every day. As many times as you can remember to, say it outloud, to yourself, or just write it down. Repetition is the way of learning, also by giving voice to your affirmation you give it power - power to create and manifest that which you desire.

Think of the affirmation, made famous by song, every day in every way I’m getting better and better, imagine filling your subconscious mind with these healing words, over and over again. In time your emotional and mental outlook would surely benefit greatly.
By repeating your affirmation you are impressing it upon your subconscious mind, this in turn replaces the old pattern of thinking or beliefs. The more you use your affirmation, the more quickly, and the more powerfully it will work. Soon these words shall become a living presence in your world. After a time you shall even become these words. When you repeat the affirmation I am love, you shall become love, I am serene, you shall become serene.
Allow the final outcome to be given to a higher power. So many times I hear people express their desire for something, only to realise later that to actually receive it would have been a disaster. So often, we think we really want something, however the universe has something else in mind for us - something planned which is for our higher good.

From using manifestations for some time now, to the point where they occur for me with great speed, I have learnt the hard way to think very carefully about exactly what it is I desire and how I wish to receive it.

For a rather way out example, someone may wish for $10 000, however they may not wish to have a car accident, lose a leg and receive that in compensation funds. For this reason I now add to my affirmations: What I request or something better now manifests for me in a satisfying way for the highest good of all concerned.  By doing this I align my own will with that of the universe and then I trust, I trust that I have done the groundwork and everything I can on my part, then I give it back to the universe to do their part. This way we are aligned to the same direction.